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Affiliate System – How Does It Work?

Before diving into how the affiliate system functions, it’s important to note that we DO NOT accept any payment from almost anyone. We vehemently reject ads and never take money from a bookie’s PayPal account or other paying platform. Our only source of income is through affiliate marketing. Each time you visit one of our sites or use an affiliate link offered by us for claiming your bonuses, the betting site gets some credit based on our previous review, which gives us something too! Affiliates’ commission payments from our partners are what keep this operation alive. It’s also worth noting that there aren’t any ads exhibited on our website, and all reviews published here remain impartial and accurate, meaning we can’t very well advocate for subpar betting platforms.

Why We Became Affiliates

It is clear why we invest so much money in our business: to provide the highest quality content for our readers. We have talented bettors who consistently assess bookmaker sites and people maintaining and updating the website – all of these require funds if we want to maintain a high level of excellence.

After all the hard work, we still have to scrape together enough money for a deposit and spend countless weeks on the betting website. The worst part is that our initial investment can be gone within twenty-four hours, and then it’s time to make another deposit. As you can see, this process is more complex than one might think–it takes a lot of time and money to stay afloat without reliance on affiliate resources. We are certainly striving towards reducing dependence on advertisements, but that isn’t an attainable goal anytime soon.

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It will help if you become a contributor with us since it’s no-cost and secure. We understand the importance of privacy, so your personal information is kept under lock and key at all times due to our strict regulations. You won’t have to miss a beat when reading about high-caliber content! As long as contributors like yourself support us along the way, we’ll keep providing honest reviews continuously.